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About Me

Dacia M. Morgan MA MFT LMHC

I have always been an observer of human interactions. I am fascinated by what drives people to do the things they do and become who they become. I am equally interested in finding out what prevents people from doing what they want to do and becoming who they want to be. This interest led me to study Marriage and Family Therapy and eventually to a career as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the Puget Sound area.

Since 2004 I have worked in the counseling field, in many capacities. I have worked with teens in foster care, helping them on their journey between the foster care system and adulthood as they aged out of their placements. I have worked with senior citizens, dealing with issues of independence and aging. In recent years, couples work, as well as parenting and the relationship between caregivers and child have been at the core of my practice.  Some of that work has been with caregivers who have become involved with Child Protective Services; helping them to make changes and navigate the system. I have also spent many years providing clinical supervision to a team of therapists engaged in this work.​​

In practice today, I enjoy working with individuals, particularly those who are embarking on new life transitions.  I also enjoy working with parents who are seeking guidance on behavior management strategies for their young children, preadolecents and teens.  I have a particular interest in couples counseling and more specifically alternative family relationship structures. I understand that couples and families in alternative lifestyles sometimes have a harder time finding knowledgeable counseling that fits their needs.

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